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GLOS Rules & Waiver

All players participating in any GLOS leagues, tournaments, or pick-up are required to sign our waiver. Signing this does NOT register you for a team, that is a separate registration.

Rules and Regulations

1. Golden Rule
A. First and foremost, all Greater Lansing Open Soccer (GLOS) Leagues are about fun, quality soccer. Players are expected to respect the leagues’ culture of fair and fun play. Foul language, racial intolerance, hate speech, and dangerous play will not be tolerated and any individuals who cannot adhere to our standards of sportsmanship may be asked to leave the leagues. GLOS wants everyone to have a fun and be social while enjoying a great sport.
2. Registrations
A. All players must be 18 years of age or older.
B. All players must be registered through the GLOS website and have signed a Waiver Form.
C. A parent/legal guardian may sign the waiver for players under 18.
3. Refund Policy
A. Refunds will NOT be issued under any circumstances unless notice has been given one (1) week prior to the start of the session.
4. Rosters
A. No more than ren (10) players on a 5v5 team.
B. Only Registered GLOS players are allowed to play on a given team.
C. GLOS retains the right to suspend any team playing with unregistered players.
D. For coed games, there must be at least one (1) female on the field at all times.
E. If a coed team down not have any females show up to play, the game can continue but that team must play with a player down.
F. Subs that have not been played before the 5th game will NOT be permitted to play during playoffs.
5. Uniforms
A. Teams shall try the best they can to have matching colored shirts before player t-shirts have been received. A light and a dark shirt are recommended.
B. Players should make every effort to wear a t-shirt provided by GLOS (this helps to indicate subs and to maintain consistent team colors).
C. Subs are NOT permitted to wear GLOS shirts.
6. Weather Related Game Cancellation
A. Suspended Games - If, due to weather/safety conditions or referee discretion, a game is halted prior to halftime, it will be replayed if possible. A game halted at halftime or later will stand as indicated by the score when the game was halted.
B. Rescheduled Games - If a game is cancelled for any reason, the leagues will reschedule if possible. However, the leagues makes no guarantee of any certain number of games - If conditions beyond the control of the leagues are present, including but not limited to, excessive inclement weather conditions.
C. Refunds for Cancelled Games - If a game is cancelled for any reason without the possibility for rescheduling, a refund will NOT be given for the missed game.
7. Standings
A. Game stats will be recorded and posted on the GLOS web page.
B. Teams are encouraged to review their respective Leagues Standings page periodically.
C. The team captain should notify the Director of Leagues of any errors.
D. A 3-3 draw will be posted for games cancelled and not rescheduled at the end of the regular season.
E. Ties in the league standings will be decided by goal differential outcomes. If those outcomes are the same, then head to head results will be used to determine the tie breaker.
8. Equipment
A. Shin guards (must be totally covered by socks to reduce the risk of injury) are required in the Competitive and Men’s leagues and GLOS is NOT liable for any injuries incurred from not wearing them.
B. Only soccer/athletic shoes are acceptable. No street shoes or metal cleats. Referees’ decisions on footwear suitability are final.
C. Jewelry that can cause harm to players or officials is prohibited and must be removed prior to the start of the game.
9. After the Game
A. Each team shall take responsibility to ensure bench areas are ready for play and the area is clean after the game.
10. Time
A. Stoppage time will be issued at the discretion of the official or staff member. Deliberate time wasting will result in added time and possible booking.
11. Forfeits
A. Teams must be ready to play their game within five (5) minutes of the scheduled game time or face the possibility of forfeiting their game.
B. Team must have a minimum of four (4) players from their roster for outdoor or three (3) for indoor otherwise they will forfeit the game.
C. Forfeits will result in a 2-0 (outdoor) or 3-0 (indoor) win for the winning team.
12. Substitutions
A. Players are responsible for managing substitutions and shall be made at their discretion.
B. Registered GLOS Players may sub on any team within the leagues.
C. Players are only permitted to sub a total of three (3) games for an 8-week session and two (2) games for a 6-week session. Any more than that and the player will be expected to pay the session fee.
D. New subs are not permitted after the fifth (5th) outdoor game or fourth (4th) indoor game.
13. Slide Tackling
A. Slide tackling is NOT permitted.
B. The performance of a slide tackle may be grounds for a booking on the part of the referee. The level of booking is up to the discretion of the referee.
C. Players may slide when not creating a dangerous play, i.e. sliding to keep a ball in play away from other players, etc.
14. Offsides
A. Offsides is not in effect for 7v7 or 5v5 leagues.
15. Free Kicks
A. All fouls will be followed by direct kick unless otherwise noted by the ref for all leagues.
B. All players conducting Free Kicks are expected to have a reasonable amount of space to make the kick. The opposing team should allow a seven (7) pace distance for 7v7 and five (5) pace distance for 5v5.
16. Bookings
A. A player receiving a yellow card must sub out for a minimum of two (2) minutes.
B. Any player receiving three (3) yellow cards over the course of the session will be suspended from the following match.
C. Any player receiving four (4) or more yellow cards over the course of the session will require permission from the Director of Leagues for continued participation in the leagues.
D. Otherwise, the player will face a suspension for the rest of the session WITHOUT refund.
E. A player receiving a red card, or two (2) yellow cards in the same match, must leave the field premises, sight and sound, within one minute without substitution. The team will remain a player down for the remainder of the match.
F. Any player receiving a red card will be suspended from the following match.
G. Any player receiving two (2) or more red cards over the course of the session will require permission from the Director of Leagues for continued participation in the leagues. Otherwise, the player will face a suspension for the rest of the session WITHOUT refund.
H. Multiple suspensions will result in a ban from all leagues for all remaining sessions for the rest of the season.
17. Fouls
A. Players are expected to call fouls in the Open Coed and Social Coed leagues.
B. If a foul is called, all play must cease IMMEDIATELY followed by the appropriate restart.
C. A handball is only considered a foul when the ball has been handled with intent or in an unnatural position.
D. Handballs that prevent goal-scoring opportunities that occur inside the goal box will result in a direct penalty kick for the offensive team or a goal/free kick for the defensive team depending on the team at fault.
E. A red card will be issued for an intentional handball that prevents a goal-scoring opportunity.
F. Penalty kicks can be awarded during a game if a foul occurs in the goal box. It is at the discretion of the referee to award a direct kick penalty kick or to award an indirect kick.
G. We are social leagues and want to make sure everyone has a good time and most importantly is safe.
18. Goalkeepers
A. Goalkeepers may punt, throw, or send goal kicks or throw-ins as far as they like for their team.
B. Goalkeepers that have complete possession of the ball are to have a safe zone and no player should make contact with them at that time.
C. Goalkeepers may not pick up the ball with their hands when thrown in by their own player unless it touches someone from the opposing team.
19. Throw-Ins (Outdoor)
A. Throw-ins must be taken near the spot the ball left the field, and with both feet touching the ground, as well as the proper form of both hands coming from behind the head in a forward motion.
B. Players will be given an opportunity to correct a throw in one time, at the discretion of the ref, if at that point it is still a bad throw the ball can be given to the opposite team.
20. Kick-Ins (Indoor)
A. Restarts will be kick-ins.
B. The ball must be completely over the line in order to be out-of-bounds.
C. The ball must be at a complete stop when played back in.
21. Player Suspension
A. GLOS can refuse registration to any player currently on suspension from any Lansing-area leagues.
B. GLOS reserves the right to suspend players from the leagues.
C. This is at the sole discretion of GLOS and cannot be appealed. Registration fees will not be refunded to suspended players.
22. Team Conduct
A. Discipline - The team captain assumes the responsibility regarding team leadership and maintenance of order and discipline. GLOS expects each Captain to set a positive example for their players in promoting good sportsmanship and self- control.
B. The Captain is responsible for the behavior of his/her bench area. After being verbally warned or cautioned (yellow card) by the referee for unsportsmanlike behavior from his/her bench area, the Captain will receive a red card if the situation persists.
C. The referee also has the power to eject any spectator at any time at his or her discretion.
D. Players are only permitted to speak with a referee in a respectful manner. Any sign of disrespect or threatening behavior will result in an immediate booking or suspension from the leagues.
E. Racial intolerance or hate speech will result in an immediate ban from the leagues WITHOUT refund




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